Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Apperantly blood clots in the lungs = not good

So my dad has blood clots in both his lungs, and he's in the ICU right now. The doctor is amazed that he's alive right now because based on the CAT scans and such, he should be dead. That's pretty good news. So he's sitting in the ICU, not in any pain, just not allowed to move because if a clot breaks loose from his lungs it goes straight to his heart and kills him instantly. Blood thinners will work soon though, and then they have to watch him for internal bleeding and he's not allowed to cut himself or he may bleed to death (very ironic because we bought him a table saw for Christmas). But he's going off of "death watch" today!

Crazy stuff!

Oh, by the way, if you have a final on Wednesday, and your dad is admitted to ICU in critical condition on Monday night and the doctors think he might die, your A&M professor will NOT let you take your final early and go home to see your dad. Interesting, huh?