Sunday, December 31, 2006

Car trouble...and more car trouble...did I mention the car trouble?

Here's a little timeline for ya:

-9/7 - Car breakin - stereo mangled and dash broken (see pictures)

-9/9 - Car quote from toyota (5 hours)

-9/15 - Car quote from insurance co. (1 hour)

-9/16 - Buy car stereo and XM radio and leave it to be installed, only to
find out 5 hours later that they can't do it until I replace the dash

-10/6 - Quote from Auto Body shop in College Station to fix dash; they
order dash

-10/12 - Drop car off to get it fixed at college station auto body shop

-10/14 - Get a call to come pick up car because the dash they ordered got
broken in shipping

-10/17 - Forgot to put my permit back in my car and get a $40 parking
ticket for parking in my own lot.

-10/18 - Drop car off again and find out dash they ordered is the wrong
color, they have to paint it

-10/20 - Pick up car from Auto Body with newly painted and installed dash

-10/21 - Leave car at Frys in Dallas to have stereo and XM radio installed

-10/21 5 hours later - They call and say they can't install the XM radio
because it's a wrong part - I come to find out that they gave me the wrong
stereo to begin with and then sold me the XM parts to the stereo I
actually picked out.

-10/21 1 hour later - returned all XM stuff and said "screw Frys"

-10/22 - Start driving from Dallas to College Station, and as the sun goes down discover that the headlights in my car do not work. Drive back holding down the brights with the hazards on. The people passing me on 21 are not happy.

-10/23 - Drop car off again at the auto body shop to actually hook up the lights this time. Now they give me a rental car.

-10/24 - Pick up car, go to class, and get another $40 parking ticket for parking in a lot that they changed from my lot number to another lot number since last semester.

-10/25 - Pouring rain - locked keys in car and can't find the hide-a-key
or get ahold of roommate to see if I have an extra. Call pop-a-lock

-10/29 - Leaving church and find that both my car and cell phone are dead.
Need a jump. Drive home, have to jump it the next morning and afternoon as

-10/30 - Buy and install new battery.

Dare I ask...what's next???