Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Romancers: A "play" by "play"

Get it? It's a "play" on words!!

Okay, so 8th grade plays are fun to watch 7 years later. This particular play was a skewed version of "Romeo and Juliet," with the parents tricking the kids into marrying. Emily Gotway played a stunning Sylvette opposite to Jay Rocamontes' Persomethingorother. Jay's mother, played by yours truely, and Sylvette's father, played by Grant Payne, played a trick on their kids by pretending to hate each other so the kids will fall in love, then setting up an elaborate scenario in which Sylvette is kidnapped and Jay must rescue her, "convincing" the parents to "let" them marry. All in all, it's pretty cute.

My favorite highlights:

Jay breaking a deep, loving gaze with Emily to look down at her chest. Emily and the audience start to laugh, and Emily shakes her head as she tries to stop laughing. Afterwords, Emily goes backstage and tells Mandy "Jay just looked at my boobs" and they giggle for about 7 years about it, periodically referring to the situation when one of the best friends breaks her gaze with the other to look at her chest, silently sharing their special inside joke. Thank you, Jay. And thank goodness for video.

When the parents can no longer keep up the deception and want to prove to Emily, or Sylvette if you will, that it was all a hoax to get the kids together, they explain it to her, but she doesn't believe Mandy when she tells her. In rehearsal, Emily says "I don't believe you." Mandy says "Here's the bill!" Emily says "Give it to me," and Mandy hands it over. Opening night, however, Emily says "I don't believe you." Mandy looks down at her belt and realizes she doesn't have the paper that serves as the bill. "There's a bill," she says instead. Emily realizes what happens. "Give it to me!" she still demands. After all, it's not her problem if Mandy doesn't actually have it. She's just there to look pretty and say her line. "I don't have it!" Mandy snaps back. Sinking feeling in everyone's stomach. Long, nervous pause. Mandy, Emily and Grant look at each other. They look at the floor. Mandy looks offstage, and sees someone on the floor, desperately trying to get someone, anyone's attention. "IT'S BEHIND THE WALL!!!" this person mouths. Mandy suddenly takes this hint and walks behind the wall, says "Oh yeah, I think I left it behind this wall," picks up the paper and hands it to Emily. All is right with the world again.

Also, kudos to the sword fighters. I was on the edge of my seat. "Clink clink clink" [pause. Jay turns around. pause] "Clink clink clink" [pause, Jay turns back around. pause.] "clink!!"

But the best thing about this play's production is that I got to know my best friend Emily much better, and now I get to be in a wedding.


Jay said...

OMG thank you so much for the memories... I need to catch up with you someday to watch that.... I had all but forgotten that play, and the details.... yes....