Saturday, February 17, 2007

Boy Brag!

Oh, how lucky I am to be me!!

Today at work, I was running a little behind before a recording appointment at 12:45 and my cell phone rang. I look down: it's Jack. Ignore button. I gather my laptop, microphone, notes, and script and start walking toward the recording room with my already-waiting (extremely talented) voice actress, Megan.

2 seconds later, Jack calls again. Now I'm a little worried because I know he's on his way to Houston for tommorow's taekwondo tournament, and he never calls twice in a row. Did he have a wreck? I'd better answer it.

"Is this important? I'm working." I answer.

*Pause.* "Well, kind of...I'm right outside the library. Where's the writing center?"

Awwwwwwww...Jack came in town and surprised me at work. He wasn't supposed to come in till tommorow. Now I'm a jerk.

I walk by our receptionist in the writing center still in a rush to get to the recording. "Umm... My boyfriend just called me and came in town from Dallas to surprise me and I'm about to record, but can you send him back when he gets up here?" I stammer. She looks at me, a little confused. "Oookay," she answers.

A minute or two later, as we're recording, Jack walks in with a big beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a big smile on his face. He sits and waits patiently as I finish up my recording, and then he takes me to lunch with our buddy Brynn. Afterwords, we go on a little walk and then get his Aggie Ring resized, and he had to go on to Houston to judge tonight, but he gets major points for driving 2 hours out of his way just to stop by and see me for lunch.

Bad timing, but great surprise!!! :)