Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The little things are big to me

I was walking out of Reed McDonald today on my way to work, when suddenly I saw something that completely made my day: 4 guys were digging up the ugly spring-semester flowers in the mini-garden next to the Chemistry Building and putting the hibiscus bushes that live there in the summer and fall back. These bushes are perhaps the single greatest thing about the A&M campus. Hibiscus plants only flower for one day, so when I had hibiscus flowers in my garden, it was like a little gift, because it didn’t always happen. These bushes, however, are so big that there are always a lot of big, red hibiscuses (hibisci?), completely open, on them. I smile every time I see them.

I’m the type, you see, to think the little things are big.

It makes my day when I get an unexpected letter or card from a friend in the mail, or even an e-mail in my box or a facebook message on my wall.

I love picking up my phone when Jack calls and hearing him excitedly tell me some good news he’s been dying to tell me all day, like that he moved up in the Top 10, or that the Cowboys won by a hair, or that he got an encouraging letter from one of his students’ parents.

I love getting that hot pocket out of the microwave after I forgot about it just long enough for it to cool down to the right temperature.

I love seeing “sweet gumballs” on the ground, because it reminds me of Jack, and how he and my mom argued about whether or not the tree in front of our house is, in fact, a sweet gumball tree (it is, by the way – thank you, google).

I love looking at the shelf in my office and seeing my stapler, because my friend Margarette at work found an extra one and gave it to me to use, and now I don’t have to get up to staple something.

I love the rare moments like last night, when Jack wants to do something girly like look at wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses online with me over the phone and talk about our wedding (don’t worry, Jack’s friends, he couldn’t tolerate it very long).

I get so excited about Thursdays, even though they’re long with classes, because that’s the day my friend Paris comes over and we eat dinner and watch Grey’s Anatomy and The Office together.

I enjoy watching Jack get all excited about seeing his buddies from the corps again, and I love to watch them visit and act stupid together, like they’ve never been apart. I also love being a part of the B-Co ‘01 wives and girlfriends group.

I love the moment just after I go to bed when my little dog, Maggie jumps up and cuddles up to me so I’ll pet her right before she jumps off the bed to go to her own, and how excited she is when she’s on her way back to the apartment from the patch of grass where she goes to the bathroom, because she knows she’s about to get a treat.

I love splurging on that not-supposed-to-be-drinking-this-because-it’s-not-very-good-for-me, way-too-expensive cup of Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha, especially when it’s with Brittany after a wonderful dinner.

I love it when people offer to let me hold their baby when I don’t know them very well and I feel weird about asking but really want to.

I love beautiful days when I have time to sit outside, or take Maggie for a walk, or on the best ones, spend time outside with Jack.

I love hearing my friend Natalie's laugh while we’re scrapbooking and I’m teasing about her lactose-intolerant, dyslectic, always-sick-or-hurt, ADD, can’t-decide-what-she-wants-to-be-when-she-grows-up, life.

I love going to Sunday school and church with Jack, and when I can’t, hearing him talk excitedly about what he learned in church that day afterward.

The moral of the story: the next time you’re doing a little something nice for someone and you think they might not notice, think again. People like me notice, and to them, those little things are big.