Thursday, May 17, 2007

This is Why I’m Blessed

I have a class every day this week and next week from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. at Collin County Community College. It’s a maymester course – 4 hours a day for 2 weeks and you’re done with 3 hours of college credit. Daily, it sucks, but it’s pretty much the easiest credit ever if you can pull it off.

Today, my prof let us out at 10 a.m., unless we had to discuss our assignments with her. Wooo!! I’m out of there. I get out my phone on the way to my car and text message Jack to tell him I’m out of class. When I get to my car, I stop, put my coffee and cell phone on top of the car, and take off my sweatshirt because, gosh, it’s a beautiful day and a short sleeved shirt seems more appropriate. I think it’s important to point out here that never once have I put my phone on top of my car, and I did, in fact, have four perfectly good pockets in my jeans that my cell phone fit in.

About a mile down the road, I think about calling somebody else and look for my phone. It’s not in my lap. It’s not in my pocket. It’s not in the passenger seat. It’s not in my bag. Ut oh…

I go back to my parking space at CCCC, hoping that’s where it fell off the car. Not there. Not in the parking lot at the first stop sign… not at the second stop sign… The third stop sign is the intersection of the CCCC entrance and Jupiter Rd, the main road that runs next to the campus.

That is exactly where the phone fell off the car, and I see it there, in the center lane of Jupiter Rd. Oops.

It has definitely been run over (maybe several times?) by now, and little pieces are scattered everywhere. I cringe as I wait until the cars (and 18-wheeler) pass over the phone, and I run out to get it.

I end up with two pieces: one is the main “flippy” part of the phone, missing most of the back of the flippy part, and the keypad, which is now a thin piece of metal separated from the rest of the phone.

I run back to the car as I examine the shattered phone. Nope, this one probably won’t work anymore. I look at the back of the flippy part. Hmm… there’s no SIM card here anymore. In fact, the piece that held the SIM card is also gone.

I figure the card has to be somewhere in the road, so I wait for more cars to pass and run back into the road like a crazy person, staring at the road.

Here’s the part where I’m blessed: For some reason the back of the phone broke off right where not only the SIM card was still safely in place, but the little 1 Gig memory card I bought for it was also still safely in place.

I spend the trip home giggling every so often all by myself like an idiot, because if you can’t laugh at yourself when you’re a doofus, when will you ever have fun?

I can’t help but feel pretty good about the way this one turned out, though.

1) SIM card in tact, which means not only do I have all my phone numbers and data, but I can buy a new phone on ebay and my number will automatically transfer over so I don’t have to go try to work it out with the store.

2) Memory card in tact, which means that the pictures, videos, and music I had on my phone that I hadn’t transferred over to the computer yet are still there, and I won’t have to buy another one for the new phone I’ll have to buy.

3) Though I really didn’t want to, I can afford to buy a new phone that might cost more than the median monthly housing expense in India.

Moral of the story? Don’t leave your phone on the top of the car and drive off. It will get run over. Already knew that? Lucky you. I’m blessed enough to have found that out on my own.