Monday, June 4, 2007

I Speak English, and I'm Here to Help.

"Please Don't Throw Away our Dishes" has nothing on "I Speak English, and I'm Here to Help."

The rules are simple. We get little name badges that say "I speak English, and I'm here to help" on them, dress up professionally, and stand at the entrance of a museum. When someone comes up and asks for help, we take the people through the museum as their tour guides (free of charge, of course, because we're nice). Obviously we don't know what the heck we're looking at any more than the people we're telling this to, but we're creative and they're most likely too appreciative that we're helping to point out that what we're saying is complete crap.

The beauty of this game is that we can apply it to any situation, really. Waiting at a bus stop? Wear your "I speak English, and I'm here to help" badge. Somebody ask directions? We point them in a direction! Somebody ask what their ticket says? "Oh my goodness, where did you get this? This is a boat ticket!" Looking for train platform 21? "Look for the symbol that looks like the pound sign and exclamation point and you'll know you found it."

Stay tuned for updates...


Cassandra said...

That post was agressive, mean, and unnecessary. And also, the game doesn't even sound that fun. I hope you get beat up by someone who finds it offensive.

Mandy & Jack said...

Is that better, Cassandra? Whiner.