Sunday, September 30, 2007

A hike, a bale of hay, and a porta-potty

Today, Jack and I had our engagement session with Rachel and Matt of Rachel Brooke Photography ( We had so much fun and were incredibly impressed with both of them. We’re not great at the whole “just do something cute, and we’ll take a picture of it,” and Rachel and Matt always told us how we should pose, a must for non-creatively-posing people like us (most of the pictures I have of Jack and me include the two of us from the shoulders up, sticking our tongues out at a camera that I’m holding with one outstretched arm). They spent a lot more time than we deserved to do everything we wanted at two different locations. I can safely say that they provided a lot more I would have expected from a simple engagement portrait session.

In the meantime, here are a few things I learned while taking pictures with Jack today:

  • Jack, despite 4 and a half years of training himself to do so, does not stick his tongue out when professional photographers are taking his picture.

  • I, however, do.

  • If you are standing on a bale of hay with Jack, he does not like it if you rock back and forth to make the bale roll under you.

  • The only thing better than posing out the door of a porta-potty is posing out the door of a porta-potty holding a big frame with the number “2” in it. (Now you’re curious, aren’t you?)

  • You can get rid of chiggers by bathing in bleach-water. You can get rid of a bull nettle by peeing on it. I still do not know what chiggers or bull nettles actually are.

  • Jack has peed on his cousin before – multiple times.

  • Jack can waltz.

  • Although Jack isn’t particularly bothered by litter anywhere else, he is quite offended by its presence on the A&M campus and will make a point to pick up any trash he sees there and throw it away.

  • September 30 in College Station is hotter than it should be.

  • If I jump onto Jack’s shoulders from a tree, he does not like it.

  • If Jack lays down in the grass and gets his white shirt a little muddy, he will decide that throwing it away after use is a better option than trying to wash it.

  • Flip-flops aren’t the best choice of footwear for hiking through a big field of mud, bugs, and knee-high grass.

  • When Rachel tells you to arch your back and lay your head up against a bale of hay while outstretching your left arm, the picture won’t look as weird as you think it will.

  • Dumpsters make the best backdrops.

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