Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Angel-a

God has the best timing.

Once upon a time, I went to Awana camp. I was grade-school to middle-school-aged, and I went several years and made several friends. There were certain things you had to do to qualify for Awana camp (things I can't remember now), but basically it was the semi-"hard core" Awana kids that got to go to this camp. Sadly, I just found out tonight that they no longer have Awana camp because the insurance got to be too high, but it was a great place for growing, memorizing scripture, and just having fun being a kid and doing summer camp stuff.

The last few years I was there, I met a beautiful, wonderful girl named Angela Wass. Angela lives up to her name - she's an angel. I don't think she's ever spoken (or thought!) an unkind word about anyone, and she has the most visible faith I've ever seen, despite some hard stuff she's had to go through in her lifetime. I remember listening to her tell me about sickness in her family and other things she was going through; we were probably about 12 years old or so at camp. She would just smile and tell me that God had a purpose for all of it, even if she couldn't see it right then.

Thanks to the wonderful technology we all know and love, Facebook, Angela and I have found each other and are talking again. Last night I stayed up until about 3 a.m. chatting back and forth with her on our Facebook "walls," despite the fact that I had a very important final I should have been studying for and a 9 a.m. podcast recording with my boss this morning. It was hard to get up this morning, but it was SO worth it (plus, the recording went well and I'm pretty sure I passed the final too; no harm done).

There are not many people you can just connect with, especially after a long time being apart, but Angela and I have always had that relationship. She's the kind of woman that puts a smile on your face and makes you want to be a better person; the kind of person you want to be around all the time.

Although I wanted to jump up and drive the 2 hours to go see Angela right then, I decided that I'd better stick around to take my final today instead, which was probably wise. Fortunately, I got to chat with her on Windows Messenger (makes more sense then Facebook walls, doesn't it?) again tonight. I was very excited to talk to her again, but very sad to find out that she is in quite a bit of pain from a LOT of gallbladder stones ("My gallbladder has too many stones to count and is threatening to rupture," she told me tonight, then worried that she was "whining.") She will be having surgery on Monday morning to get that all taken care of and I would appreciate you keeping her in your prayers.

As all the plans Jack and I have been making for the last 4.5 years fall right into place, I get the feeling that I'm in control. It's true; life is going well right now. I just finished my last final EVER (WHOOP!) and I'll be graduating on Saturday. Then I'm moving back and I have a few interviews lined up. Then Christmas in Wyoming. Then the wedding. Then the honeymoon...

I love planning - you all know I do (me? control freak? maybe.) I love counting down to things and making sure the timing is right for everything. But it's people like Angela that remind me to leave room in all my plans for God to include His plans.

Thanks, God, for including this in your datebook. It's my turn to include You in mine.