Monday, January 28, 2008

Bridal Portraits

Does anybody have any cool ideas for locations in the Allen/Plano/McKinney/Murphy/Dallas area to take bridal portriats? I'm not terribly skiddish about getting the dress dirty (obviously I don't want to get it very dirty though) so creative ideas are much appreciated.

Leave me a comment!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Little Culture

My dad's co-worker, Keith, is visiting from New Zealand this week and staying at our house. He's a really delightful person to talk to, and he knows pretty much everything about everything. He's basically a British David Collins with a little less emphasis on math. He's generous on top of that. When he found out I liked tea but didn't have a kettle or teapot, he went shopping and bought me one as a pre-bridal shower gift this weekend. We have been getting a lot of use out of it this week alone, and now Jack is really into hot tea as well - "It's like sweet tea, but hot!" he exclaimed, when he tried it.

I've learned a few things this week from Keith, so I thought I'd share some I found interesting:

  • You season a teapot like you season a cast-iron skillet or wok. Don't wash it - just rinse it until there is a film flaking off the inside; at that point, you sweep a clean brush around the inside to remove the film. Apparently this technique will make the tea better and better as time progresses.
  • In New Zealand, the auto insurance is set up differently; after an accident all money issues are handled by insurance companies, and the police prosecute the person who's at fault in the accident.
  • Brussel sprouts contain a fairly potent toxin.
  • Chianti Classico is a good red wine if you're just starting to try red wine.
  • The champagne the the Gilmores gave to us when my brother got married three years ago is a really nice fancy champagne.
  • When putting milk in your tea, you should put the milk in first so that when you pour the tea in it warms the milk up gradually and produces a better taste than if you "shocked" it by pouring it into hot tea.
  • Curry isn't as spicy if it's three years old. It's actually not spicy at all.
  • You should get a portrait session done when you're about 5 months pregnant because you're prettier then.
  • Salad is food's food.
  • The word "luddite" comes from Ned Ludd, who led the resistance against weaving looms in the early 1800s.
  • People from New Zealand say "aluminum" like al-ume-in-ee-um because they spell it "aluminium."

There are probably more to come...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The right dress

I get mixed feelings every time Brides magazine comes in the mail, these days. On one hand, I love the articles and fun tips and the fact that I'm actually getting Brides magazine (yes, that's still exciting). On the other hand, I have my wedding dress (have had it for a while, actually), and it's a little unnerving to flip through the pages and pages of ads showing beautiful dresses and wonder whether you picked the right one. Silly, I know. I shouldn't worry about something so superficial, but this dress, well, it's kind of a big deal.

Over the last 10 months, I've shopped, ignored schoolwork, tore pages from magazines, met with vendors, designed invitations, begged for help, begged for money, tied a million ribbons, budgeted, and prayed for this wedding.

The other day I was designing the rehearsal dinner invitations and spent about a half hour just looking at two peices of paper, both printed with the same wording in the same font in the same size, but one of the papers was a half an inch slimmer than the other, which had more white space on the sides. After about the 48th question about which of the two I should use, whether I should change the font, whether the font size was right, whether I should print it on velum or grey cardstock, how much bigger the purple cardstock I matted it on should be, whether I should use a brad or ribbon to secure it to the cardstock, and whether the wording was correct, Jack looked at me and asked:

"Why does it matter?"

I looked at him, half annoyed at the fact that he didn't care as much as I did, and half annoyed that the fact that I cared as much as I did. Why did it matter? I didn't know. But it did, and I had spent that much or more time analyzing every little detail of every other part of the wedding that has been planned thus far. Every detail.

But the dress is in a category all its own. You dream about this dress - not the "I've dreamed about this dress since I was a little girl" thing, although I guess there's some of that too - the "I dreamed that I was getting married at Six Flags and forgot my jewelry" or "I dreamed that I realized that I forgot to book the florist as I was walking down the aisle" thing (both dreams, by the way, were dreams I actually had). The dress is always in the dream. The groom isn't always in the dream. If there's one thing you don't want to screw up, it's this dress. I actually asked my friend/bridesmaid Brynn if it's crazy to go dress shopping again and buy another one. (By the way, it kind of is.)

So you stress about it instead. Did I pick the right style for my body type? Do I really like the material? Is the train too short or long? Is it appropriate for the garden setting? Will it look good in pictures?

What I'm really trying to say is:

I put the dress on today.

I picked the right one.