Sunday, March 23, 2008


Jack and I are married now. The wedding was beautiful and perfect. I couldn't have asked for better weather either. We are tired, but so excited. We leave for the honeymoon in Hawaii on Saturday.

Jack was so very sweet, and even though I didn't see him much at the reception (people to see, you know), he was adorable and made time to dance with me when he heard a song he thought I'd like (and trust me, dancing is not exactly his favorite past-time). He had also had a special arrangement of flowers and a hand-written letter delivered to me while I was getting dressed before the wedding.

Thank you for all the gifts and cards... what amazing friends we have. We took the cards with us to the hotel last night and read them while we ate a wonderfully expensive room-service sandwich. It was so much fun.

And on that note, Jack surprised me by taking me to the Mansion at Turtle Creek for the wedding night. When we got there, there was soft music playing, rose petals all over the bed, champaign and chocolate-covered strawberries, and he had arranged for framed engagement pictures and a framed bridal portrait to be placed around the room on tables. The bridal portrait was tricky because he didn't want to see it before the wedding, so he had our photographer pick one out and print it, then had friends frame it and deliver it to the hotel so he wouldn't see it. The view from our room was also beautiful. We were on the 5th floor with a view of the Dallas skyline. In the morning, an incredible (huge!) breakfast was delivered to the room on a beautifully decorated table, and we enjoyed our breakfast as we looked out the window at the view. He left nothing out.

There are so many more wedding details and stories to tell (and pictures to post!), but I don't have the energy at the moment. The main thing is it went very well and I am now Mrs. Jack Hornbuckle. It's a good day.