Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kids these days...

Last night I did Relay for Life with the Bedenbaughs and Christina. Jack stopped by and so did Matt, so we had a great time visiting, eating junk food, walking around the track, and playing games. (And curing cancer, of course) I even won a quilt in the raffle! :)

The Bedenbaughs, Matt, and Jack had to leave early because of the graduation/work activities the next day, but Christina and I stayed a little longer. We ended up hanging out with the Allen Band/PALS/NHS kids (all the same kids), one of them being Miranda Gibson, who was supposed to be home at midnight but called her Dad and told him that Christina and I were there too, so he let her stay all night.

I had wondered since I went to college whether high school kids would bug me now. I mean, Michelle Bedenbaugh was always cool but she was always mature for her age. I assumed the general population of high school kids would be annoying. I didn't even like the general population of high school kids when I was in high school.

But these kids were different. They were kind to each other. They told clean jokes. They were respectful of each other and of authority. They didn't use bad language. They picked up after themselves. At 6 a.m., when everybody was exhausted and it was time to leave, they even helped Christina and me haul all of our campsite stuff back to my car.

This got me thinking about why these kids were different. Was it because they were band kids? NHS kids? PALS kids? My vote is that they are kids with parents who have cared enough to discipline them, take them to church, and be a part of their lives for the past 17 years. It was because they were Christian kids.

Heaven knows that there are bad kids with good parents and good kids with bad parents, but I have to believe that these particular kids' behavior had a lot to do with the way they were raised. This is probably why Proverbs 22:6 says "Train up a child in the way he should go, And even when he is old he will not depart from it."

They could have chosen to leave Relay last night and do whatever they wanted, knowing that their parents wouldn't expect them home until the morning. They could have chosen to lie to their parents. They could have chosen to stay and act disrespectfully toward the staff and the facility. But they didn't. They chose to be Christ-like.

Nice work, parents. Keep up the good work.