Wednesday, June 18, 2008

They did it!!!

The Celtics won the championship, which is great news for my family, because it means that my brother gets an NBA championship ring and my sister-in-law gets the next one.

Here are a few pictures from my Dad, who was there too, and my brother:

Here's the story of this one from my Dad:

"We were at the team party. Everyone was covered in champagne and beer and there had been so much screaming that nobody could talk (so they just screamed again). Shane and Cassandra were hanging back and watching when the president of the Boston Celtics came over to Shane and said 'Get up here on this stage' and as a proud papa, I positioned to take the picture while the whole room chanted 'Shane! Shane! Shane!' They handed him the trophy and I snapped the picture that said 'never underestimate what your kids can achieve.' Kevin Garnett was right: 'Anything is possible.'

As we were leaving, Ray Allen came over (all smiles for some reason) and shook Shane's and my hand and then Eddie House came over and hugged my little boy (some would say he's big now but these guys make him appear little once more) and we all headed out.

Quite a night."