Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It could rain as long as it wanted to - I was HAPPY!

I think one of the reasons I like being around Angela so much is that she takes joy in little things, like I do. One time, she and I ate carob-covered “rice dream” bars together, the only substitution for ice cream that she can have with her severe food allergies. She was absolutely in heaven. I don’t think she could have wiggled any lower into my couch. She was giddy and happy and cute… all over a fake ice cream treat that she can’t usually find in stores.

She laughed and laughed when I put her in my shopping cart during a trip to Kroger and wheeled her around the store, much to the surprise of other customers.

She left a note to Jack when she left last time mentioning that she really enjoyed his pre-dinner prayer the night before because he had mentioned her.

She’s fun to be around.

Today, her blog talked about the upgrade her aunt had finagled on their trip to Cancun, and she made me smile when she wrote this:

“I walked in the room and I think the bell boy had barely shut the door when I started screaming! I couldn’t believe I was here!!! I can’t even describe the room well to do it justice (the only that does are the images that are on facebook). The bathroom. The shower. The BED. The Jacuzzi. THE VIEW. I think I walked out onto the balcony and cussed. I know, I know- me?! As far as I was concerned at this point, it could rain as long as it wanted to - I was HAPPY!”

I’ve been in hotel rooms like that, so I know that feeling. It made me happy that she had that feeling too.