Friday, July 25, 2008

One year ago today...

...I was in Heidelberg, Germany.

It doesn't seem that long ago. :(

But I can't complain. I get to change out Jack's gauze from his wisdom teeth surgery today.


So this morning was Jack's wisdom teeth removal. I had a nice time in the waiting room reading and doing some sudoku puzzles for about two hours.

After he woke up, I pulled my car around to the back of the building and went in to get the post-op debriefing from the nurse. She told me all about how I shouldn't feed him rocks and broken glass, while Jack probably sang "Daa nuuuu na na HEY! Da nuu na na" over and over in his head. After the nurse and I helped Bambi walk to the car, we were on our way. Before we got out of the parking lot, Jack was already making requests.

"Phan we go to buh fi-pon-bow spool?" he asked, through a mouthful of gauze.

"You want to go to the taekwondo school?" I asked, baffled. "Now!?"



"To phee my phtuphentph do theow XMA."

"You want to go watch their students do their XMA after your surgery?" Jack had been working an XMA camp all week at the taekwondo school, and today was show-off day.


After telling him no several times to no avail, I finally called the place we had just come from and talked to the nurse, who gave me a resounding "Seriously? What are you thinking!? Of COURSE he can't go to the karate school! He needs to go straight home and rest!"

Annoyingly, he kept whining. Finally, I gave in, and we drove by the school, only to find out that they were already finished and cleaning the school. Jack was very dissapointed.

Never let it be said that Jack Hornbuckle doesn't care about his students. Or that he's less whiney when he's not actually in any pain.


Meagan White said...

Wow! That sure shows dedication to his job. It was also a pretty hilarious story. I like how you spelled out EXACTLY what it sounded like :)