Saturday, July 21, 2007


Our last side-trip in China before Europe would be Shanghai. This time we would go with Jerry, an EDS employee who lives in Shanghai, and Dad and I would only have Saturday to play around there.

The day did not start out well.

After breakfast, we caught a cab at the hotel to The Pearl Tower, a big TV station and tourist attraction where you can go up to the top and see Shanghai from above. It was about an hour cab ride, but it seemed more like 8.

The first thing the driver did weirdly was the way he pushed his foot on and off the gas the entire time he was on the highway. You know how in middle school band they make you tap your toe while you’re playing? This guy must have practiced it a lot, because that’s what he was doing the whole time. And no, there was no traffic he needed to slow down and speed up for.

But that was tolerable compared to the other thing.

I don’t know what disease or illness he had, but he was definitely not well. Every two or three seconds, he would cough and couple times and then clear his throat like gross boys do when they’re halking a loogie. There’s just no way to convey how disgusting this is until you listen to/watch an hour of it.

Oh, and it didn’t stop there. At one point he got out of the cab at a stop-light and did I don’t know or want to know what outside the cab.

At another stop light, he used the rear view mirror to watch himself pull out his nose hairs, then his mustache hairs.

By the time we got out of the cab, we didn’t care where we were, just that we had hand sanitizer and a lot of it.