Saturday, July 5, 2008

Spaklers, a fan, and a finally-hung TV!

Jack's parents came in town for this 4th of July, which is always nice because we don't get to see them quite often enough. The other reason it's nice, however, is that things really get done around the house whenever Jack's parents are around.

Thing number one: Before his parents (or anybody, really) come in town, Jack and I make a mad-dash cleaning effort, and our house is actually semi-clutter-free for a little while, with bathrooms clean and floors vacuumed. We generally clean once a week anyway, but a little extra motivation never hurts, especially after Little Rock last weekend. (This cleaning effort wasn't quite as great as the previous cleaning efforts, but it was an effort nonetheless.)

Thing number two: Jack's dad knows everything, and can do anything, when it comes to fixing the house (the downside to this is that Jack refuses to do anything around the house without his dad). I've been watching Jack and his dad hang a celing fan/light fixture in our "new" living room, which will be quite an upgrade from our two little lamps at night.

When I got up this morning, that was finished, and the two of them were fishing wires into the wall behind where the TV would hang. These wires were coming out at another spot on the wall, which as far as I'm concerned is voodoo magic because I'm not sure how one actually makes that happen.

Thing number three: I cooked dinner last night and they always rant and rave about how wonderful it is, which is nice to hear even if it was just some grilled chicken and pre-prepared (not by me) side dishes.

Thing number four: We finally had a reason and a few more bodies to get rid of the sparklers that have been sitting around here since the wedding. I had bought them for our going-away "thing" (like birdseed or rice), but there was a burn ban at the time, and the police probably would have noticed 250 people with sparklers at night. Instead, I handed them out to the few neighbors I knew who were in town this weekend and we lit a few sparklers ourselves last night. Man, it doesn't get more exciting than that.