Friday, August 1, 2008

How's married life?

It’s already August, and it seems like the time is just flying by! Our wedding seems like it was yesterday but we just passed the 4-month mark. People keep asking me how married life is, and I’m not really sure what to tell them, other than, “great,” (which I guess is really what they’re looking for with that sort of question.)

There’s really not much going on with us that I feel should be attached to the response to that question, so I usually say something like “It’s going well! Just working and fixing up the house.” That’s what we do. Work and fix up the house. And then on the weekends we do the fixing up together instead of apart, which is better. It really is kind of boring news-wise but we’ve never been so content (or stress-free!) in our lives.

On Sunday, as we were driving home from church, Jack made the comment that I’m thinking a lot of the time; he said, “You know, this really is a great time in our lives! No kids, not many responsibilities; we pretty much just get to do whatever we want.”

During high school, during our halftime marching show on Friday nights, I would look up at the crowd and around at the 599 other people on the field and think, “This is really awesome. What a great time in my life.”

Then, in college, I would be walking around campus on my way to class or work on a beautiful day and think, “This is where I always wanted to be, and now I’m here. What a great time in my life.”

And now, I’m doing it again. I’m standing on top of the bathtub, peeling wallpaper from the master bathroom’s wall, singing very badly to the blaring radio with Jack, who is also singing very badly to the radio, when we burst out laughing and feel bad for our future children for their certain lack of singing talent, and I think “This is so much fun. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. What a great time in my life.”

People always talk about high school or college being the best time of their lives, but I kind of get there at every point in my life so far, and I’d say that’s a pretty great blessing.

So, to answer your question, married life is good.