Sunday, August 3, 2008

Life's a dance

The weekend before last, Jack and I went out dancing at a fun little hole-in-the -wall honkeytonk place in Wylie with a couple of Jack's friends. Two of the ladies' husbands were out of town, so another friend's husband danced with them a few times between dances with his wife.

I remember thinking that it was a good guy who was willing to dance with all the girls who needed somebody to dance with. I think this thought comes from my assumption that all guys hate dancing as much as my husband does; it's hard enough to get Jack to dance with me, much less with anybody else. Perhaps this isn't the case for every guy, but I still think it's kind of nice to see a guy helping all the girls have a good time.

When I was going through my wedding pictures in an attempt to organize them for the scrapbook, this is what I found of Garrett:

Garrett dances with Brittany. Garrett dances with little Pheobe. Garrett dances with Brynn. Garrett dances with Sara. I also have a video of Garrett dancing with Paris. He's either a nice guy, or he really enjoys dancing. Or maybe he's just a stud.