Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh, the bravery

This morning, I picked up my umbrella off the floor by the door, where I had left it the night before, and I saw a tiny little thing fall. As I looked closer, I realized it was a tiny gecko. I stared at it, wondering whether I should wake Jack to come catch it, as was his duty now that he married me. It was about 8:00 in the morning, and husband was nestled in his favorite spot in the middle of the bed that he always finds, joyfully, after I get up.

No, I decided. It was okay. I could leave it there and it wouldn't hurt anything. So I left it there. Because I love my husband more than I love myself. And because I'm brave. And because I was going to be late for work. This is growth.

You see, I'm crazy. Every night, I have to check all the bathrooms, living room, kitchen, and our bedroom (including behind, inside, and underneath all our comforter, sheets, and pillow) for geckos, which will surely eat me in the middle of the night if they find me before I find them. If I do find one, I stand frozen and call for Jack (for if I move it will surely attack), who dutifully arrives with his weapons in hand (a cup and a piece of paper) to rescue me from this menacing beast. 

If Jack cannot catch the monster, heaven forbid, because it's too fast for him, I make him continue to seek it until it is either successfully found and captured or he does a convincing enough mime of catching it and taking it outside that I am satisfied that it is gone. 

But not today. Today, I left it in my house.

Tune in next week to read about my adventures in catching one. Maybe.