Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Waiting until Christmas

"Keeping your virginity until marriage is like not opening a present on Christmas."

I had to read it more than once to actually comprehend what I was reading. It's a facebook quote I read today, and it actually saddened me. Granted, I read a lot of stupid facebook quotes that I disagree with. I read a lot of stupid stuff in general that I disagree with, and it really doesn't bother me too much. But to think that this was someone's attitude really did make me sad.

I don't really care if you agree with the quote. You are free to sin however you please; that's the great thing about God's "free will" thing - it's what makes his grace a gift. But if you've even read the Bible a little, you probably know that God designed sex for marriage and marriage only, and sex without that commitment leads to big consequences.

I think my problem with this quote is that I'm not quite following how we're defining "Christmas" in this soon-to-be over-analyzed scenario.

Let's say that we define "Christmas" as your "sexual prime." You are in your early 20s, when sex is supposed to be biologically best. But you're not ready to get married yet, or you haven't found the right person. People wait longer now to get married than they used to.

So basically, it's Christmas day. The person who gave you the present you just grabbed from under the tree isn't there to watch you open it. It's not really right to open it without them, but hey, at least you'll get to enjoy the gift right now.

Do you wait until they're there to let them enjoy watching you open it? I guess that's up to you. The obvious pro is instant gratification, while the con could be hurting your friend who worked so hard to pick out the perfect gift for you by not letting them enjoy your first reaction to it.

I'd rather wait until a few days after Christmas in this scenario.

Here's my no-doubt wildly unpopular re-phrasal of the quote: "Losing your virginity before marriage is like opening a present before Christmas."

"Christmas" should be marriage. That's the way God designed it (and what a design it is!).

You could open the gifts that are sitting there under the tree before Christmas, but you choose to wait because you know that opening them on Christmas morning will lead to greater enjoyment of the gifts.

In addition, the giver of the gifts, who has also been anticipating your enjoyment of the gifts, would be disappointed with your decision to open the gift early and ruin the day on which it was intended to be enjoyed.

What will you open on Christmas day if you've already opened all your gifts?