Thursday, September 25, 2008

The 6-month mark: Oldlyweds?

All marriages are happy. It's the living together afterward that causes all the trouble. ~Raymond Hull

A dress that zips up the back will bring a husband and wife together. ~James H. Boren

It’s been 6 months since Jack and I got married (which pretty much makes us marriage experts now). Happy semi-anniversary to us! How long is it until you’re not newlyweds anymore?

There was a lot more adjustment necessary for living together than I thought there would be when we first got married. It’s strange (and scary, sometimes!) living with a boy! For a while I didn’t feel at home, and then there was that big problem of where to change my clothes every day? But at this point, it’s much less strange living with each other, and we’re really starting to enjoy it.

We did, however, learn quite a few things about each other in the past 6 months:
  • Jack is a morning person. Mandy is not. Mandy does not appreciate perkiness, light, flirting, or any form of happiness in the morning. Mornings are for grumpiness.
  • The middle of the bed is the most glorious place on earth. It’s much easier to exist in said glorious place when somebody else isn’t also in the bed, pushing you over or complaining loudly about the amount of space he or she (he) has.
  • I’ve written before about Jack’s crazy (OCD!) tendencies. They don’t get less crazy with time. Towels must be folded perfectly and separated by color (and oh, I just found out that we have “too many colors of towels”). Toilet paper must be taken out of the cabinet one “level” at a time. Dishes must be scrubbed spotless before placed in the dishwasher (what’s dishwasher supposed to do, again?) I don’t do any of these things myself.
  • Almost every day, Jack makes our bed and does the dishes from the night before. Almost every night, I cook dinner for him. Almost every weekend, we give the house a good cleaning together. It’s a good system.
  • We’re both learning how to ask for things from each other politely and “fight nice” (Thank you, pre-marital counseling). I figured marriage would be difficult at times (better or worse kind of thing), but I didn’t realize how much effort it took even in the BETTER! It’s a lot of work all the time.
  • I hate doing laundry. I didn’t learn this while I was living with Jack, I just wanted to let everybody know that. Jack does his laundry about once a week, while I do mine when it really really becomes necessary (which is about the time I start to consider innovative ways of using bed sheets, potato sacks, or curtains as work clothing.) Neither of us iron. I am in love with Downy Wrinkle Release. And most of my clean clothes come out of a laundry basket in the middle of my floor instead of a rack in my closet.
  • Jack does not like it when I leave the cabinets or pantry doors open in the kitchen. I do not like it when he leaves the front door unlocked at night.
  • We both get REALLY excited when a new NetFlix movie comes in the mail (we get one at a time) or when there’s a new Bones or NCIS episode we can watch together.
  • Jack does not like it when I wear his socks. However, if I do wear his socks, he tells me to just keep them because I’ve “already stretched them out now.” (Whose feet are bigger? Actually it’s probably pretty close.)
  • Jack goes through spurts of being home-improvement motivated. I love it when motivated-Jack comes to visit! My walls get painted, the windows get washed, the bushes get trimmed, and old wallpaper gets peeled.
  • When motivated-Mandy visits, she just makes a big mess in her office, producing something uber-creative yet useless to Jack.
  • I’m unnaturally cold all the time. Jack likes the fan on at night. You do the math.
  • As unnaturally cold as I am, I still do not enjoy living in a 90-degree house in the summer. As much as Jack also dislikes living in a 90-degree house in the summer, he likes paying for air conditioning even less. Our house is therefore 80 degrees in the summer (yay, compromises). Unless I’m home alone.
  • The other morning, I had just gotten dressed, and Jack instinctively tied the strings on my shirt together in the back without a word. I thought that was cute.
We have enjoyed getting to know each other in the last 6 months (though I didn’t think it was possible to “get to know” him more! We’ve been together more than 5 years!). Marriage has been a nice experience so far, and Jack and I are really enjoying this stage in our lives (the one without kids, in case you’re wondering). So far, so good – I think I’ll keep him for another 6 months.


Shane said...

Want to know what happens after 3 years? I'm eating a burrito from Q'Doba right now for the sole reason that Cassandra said she wanted one for lunch but she couldn't possibly have one, so I am just so she's jealous.

Amanda said...

:) yay for the Hornbuckles! I was at a church function when a lady said something about me still being a newly wed at 9 months, so three months from now, you'll still be a newlywed too I guess. Brandon leaves the front door unlocked too! It drives me nuts, must be a guy thing. They don't have to worry as much about being killed in the night. That and both are from the corps where they never locked their doors.

Mandy and Jack said...

Ha yeah but you'd think that would have made them paranoid about scary sophomores bursting in and yelling at them in their homes.

McChatterbox said...

You two sound like my husband and I but reversed. LOL I am the morning person and he is not. I am the one who likes things very orderly and is orderliness comes in waves. Still, he helps me with all things here; the pets, cooking, cleaning etc. We have been married for six years and I just love him to pieces!