Thursday, September 11, 2008

Audrey Caroline

Okay, I must admit I'm quite the blog stalker. I'm a blocker. I stumbled upon a blog by a beautiful, amazing woman named Angie, who chose to gave birth to her beautiful baby daughter, Audrey, in April, even though they knew the baby girl wouldn't live more than a few hours due to several fatal complications. I read her entire 8+ month story yesterday, and here are some of my favorite quotes from this incredible writer, mother, wife, and woman of God:

"The happiest place on earth isn't on earth at all." (about their visit to Disney World)

"What is our marriage? It's playing cards in bed. It's laughing hysterically at the parts of a movie that nobody else thinks are funny. It's me looking up from my book to see Todd waving at me as he mows the lawn. Its dragging him to one more store looking for the perfect gift. It's burnt dinner (which he would never complain about), clean laundry (which most likely, he did), and staying up until 4 a.m. watching a whole season of 24. It's telling the truth, even when it hurts. It's spending your nights in a hospital room waiting to know if your twin daughters will live or not. It's ordering Chinese food and singing along to eighties music. It is starting at least 10 Bible Studies together and then getting distracted talking about life instead. It's Todd and Angie, and it's good."

And my favorite: “We are not praying because we believe that God will heal our Audrey. We don't know that He will. We are praising Him because He can.”


Meagan White said...

Hey! I am a blog stalker, too! And I have been reading Angie's for about a month. I went all the way back and read the whole story. She's amazing. I cried so many times!!!