Friday, September 26, 2008

Crap Shoot...Friday!

Happy Crap Shoot day! I know it's not Tuesday, but I'm also not a photographer so I'm breaking all kinds of rules today. My friend (and amazing Engagement Photographer), Rachel, got this idea from her friend, another photographer, and I thought it would be a fun post for today.

The picture below is one of my favorite wedding pictures, even though it's kind of blurry and not all that well-lit or composed, because it's the only picture I have of Jack's reaction when I was walking down the aisle (for some reason, everybody focuses on the bride at that point... not sure why - but thank you, Natalie for getting this one!). I also love that my youngest flower girl, Ashlyn, is waving at me so sweetly.


didlake said...

When weddings happen, the only part I'm absolutely focused is the look of the groom when the bride is coming up the aisle. --Seeing the fellow's goofy face makes me so excited.

I'm glad someone was able to capture that moment for you.

Oh, and I personally think 20 is a very good age for marriage, too.

Mandy and Jack said...

Yeah, I was hoping there would be a picture of Jack's face and the photographer hadn't taken one, and I was so disappointed.

Ha, yeah, I think 20's a little early, but who am I to talk at 22... the other girls in the group were yelling out things like "45!" when I asked that question... perhaps something Daddy told them? "Honey, you can't get married until you're 45, okay?"

Shane said...

Hey! You managed to find a picture that included everyone in the wedding party EXCEPT for me to pick as your favorite!

Amanda said...

I requested my photographer do that, and its my favorite photo too! 22 is a great age to get married! (I am a bit bias also)