Monday, September 22, 2008

"Not me" Monday!!

Inspired by MckMama’s very clever blog entry about all the things she absolutely did NOT do, I will follow her instructions and invite you to enjoy “'Not Me' Monday.”

Last Wednesday, I cooked a lovely, healthy dinner for my husband. I did not go to KFC for $2.49 clog-your-arteries-and-make-you-die-an-early-death chicken fried steak dinner, then put in on a nice plate as if to suggest that it was a real meal.

I did not spray Downy Wrinkle Release on the clothes I got out of the dryer this morning (rather than hanging in my closet). In fact, I absolutely do not do that every single morning before work. Folding and ironing your clean clothes before you wear them looks much more professional!

And of COURSE I didn't accidentally-on-purpose throw a peice of fajita steak on my clean kitchen floor tonight for the dog, who isn't allowed to eat people-food.

I definately did not forget to call and check on one of my best friends, who lives in Houston, until about a week after the hurricane hit. That would make me a horrible friend, and you all know I'm not a horrible friend!

I would never try using Round Up to kill the grass in the cracks of our driveway instead of digging them out and treating the empty cracks with the Round Up so they don’t come back. And if I ran out of Round Up, I wouldn’t just give up and go watch football.

I, of course, did not keep my brother’s webcam up in a corner of my screen all day so I could watch their dog sleep. That’s just weird.

I absolutely did not take a 3-hour nap while my husband swept, mopped, and vacuumed our floors yesterday.

I didn’t stay late at work just to start this blog entry. Who would do that?

I am of course not going to spend hours upon hours upon hours watching television this week, season premiere week. I have also not been counting down to this week of new TV!

I absolutely did not laugh until I cried when the dog farted, surprising herself, and looked behind her, wondering what had just made the noise and subsequent smell. That reaction would be entirely too unrefined for someone like me.

And of course, I do not plan on serving leftovers that my mother-in-law cooked this weekend instead of cooking new dinners for my husband this week.

Not me!!!

Ps - What have you not done today?


Danielle in MO said...

too fun... I didn't count down until this week either -- so can't wait for Grey's on Thursday!!!

HappilyEverAfter said...

Your husband cleans like mine! But we would NEVER let them do all the work by themselves right? That would just be mean!

singing mama said...

LOL - I've done the put takeaway on a plate to make it look like a meal too!

- a fellow mckmama reader-


TalbottWith2Ts said...

Spraying Roundup in the cracks will not actually prevent new weeds from growing. Roundup has no residual ground action. If you want to kill the weeds, definitely spray. If you pull them, you might leave part of the root system, which will let the weed grow back.

proudmommy4 said...

love it! i so didn't look forward to this week of tv either! i forgot that on my list. :)

Kathryn said...

I was trying to figure out how to do this "not me" monday thing. Thank you for your post. I laughed so hard at the KFC one, my daughter asked, "what's so funny?"

Shane said...

I didn't tell my wife "I think I like him better" as I was giving the dog a big hug.