Thursday, October 9, 2008

And on Day 4, God created daylight savings time and time zones

Last night, at AWANA counsel time, Tiffany was taking the kids through the seven days of creation. You know, day one, God created day and night; day two was the separation of water and sky; day three was dry land separating waters; day four was the sun, moon, and stars; day five was birds and sea creatures; day six was land animals and humans; and day seven, God rested.

Tiffany asked the kids what God created on day one. Somebody raised their hand and said “day and night.”

“Great!” Tiffany said. “And what did God create on day two?”

A little boy raised his hand.

“Yes?” Tiffany asked.

“Morning and evening,” said the little boy.

And on day three, God created “earlier that morning” and “later that night.”


Meagan White said...

That is funny! Kids are so cute!

My students make me laugh so many times each day, too! :)

PS: Your house looks really nicely decorated for Fall. I am not so good.