Tuesday, October 14, 2008

AWANA projects

Here's what I've been working on lately...

These are some cards I made for my 8-year old AWANA girls. They were so excited to get them in the mail! They're also super easy - just one peice of patterned paper on top of a blank card, a 1" strip of solid paper on the side, then a patterned heart cutout matted on a solid larger heart cutout. I used my wishblade to cut out the letters for their names, but you can also use stickers or bought dye cuts for this.

Okay, so this was a little crazy. It all started with a magnet roll. I saw it and thought "I should make my girls magnets to remind them about our food drive!" A little bit of cardboard, red and white paper, and some more letter cut-outs later, we had Campbell's Soup look-a-like magnets, personalized for each kid. The problem was that the wishblade wouldn't cut their names out because I think my blade is a little dull, so I printed them backwards and cut them all out with an x-acto knife. But they're done!


Cathy said...

Very clever!! TFS