Thursday, October 23, 2008

Coming soon...

...a Fair Use rant. And probably a little something about "guilty until proven innocent."


Amanda said...

does facebook not have anything better to do than monitor your video postings?

Greg said...

It probably wasn't facebook. It was a combination of two things:

1) the MaFIAA (common slang combo of MPAA and RIAA: Music and Film Industry Association of America) who does not have anything better to do, and who have never liked the "little people" having any rights (fair use or otherwise) regarding "their" property (which they probably stole from someone creative).

2) A particularly poorly-planned bit of legislation passed by our government (bought and paid for by lobbyists) called the DMCA.

In instances like this, the MaFIAA trolls around looking for "infringement" and the DMCA allows them to threaten the hosting company (ISP, Google, Facebook, etc) with legal action if they don't fix the "problem" right now - no proof required, no evidence needed.