Monday, October 6, 2008

Do you think anybody would notice if I put a Sarah shout-out in my broadcast?

On Friday, Sarah Palin visited Dallas to attend a private fundraising luncheon at the Fairmont Hotel. Chuck was invited to give the invocation, so Friday afternoon Chuck and Cynthia were very excited to attend the event. Chuck prayed, and then apparently, in her speech, Palin said that when she heard Chuck’s voice at the luncheon, she was excited (she didn't know he'd be coming because her assistant had set it up) because she times her work commute with the loca broadcast so she can listen to Chuck when she drives every day. So basically, I'm assembling a program that a potential United States VP listens to regularly.


Shane said...

Yeah, but I'm on TV about 45+ nights per year

didlake said...

That is super cool. Instead of giving a shout-out to her, you can subliminally tell her what you think should be done next.

Imagine it. Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. ***Kick so and so out of office.*** Chuck, Chuck, Chuck.

That's sweet.