Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Not me!" Monday!

I definitely did not use a pair of pliers as a hammer to put picture hangers in the wall this weekend because I was too lazy to go find a proper hammer.

And when I hung a picture crooked and couldn't fix it, I didn't just get a piece of double-sided tape and tape one side to the wall.

I didn't decide not to bathe the dog this week because I forgot to do it before I cleaned the bathtub and I didn't want to dirty it again.

We didn't skip church this morning to go to breakfast with my parents and because the Cowboys game started before church would let out. Who would do that?

I did not use an office rubber band to put my hair up at work because I was too lazy to walk out to my car and get a hair rubber band.

I didn't spill coffee all over my lap this morning.

Last Wednesday, I did not take the dog with me to pick up the pizza, and then leave her in the car with the pizza when I ran in to get some groceries. If I did, I wouldn’t be surprised with the result that inevitably incurred.

After the dog ate part of the pizza, I did not still decide to serve the rest of it to myself and my husband for dinner.

I do not have a plant in my office that I keep killing and bringing back to life by forgetting to water it then flooding it, and its pot is not only half-filled with soil because I keep forgetting to bring more for it.

I really didn't leave a pumpkin spice candle burning all night last night. That would be irresponsible and hazardous!!

I didn't spend $50 at Hobby Lobby on scrapbooking organization stuff.

When Jack called me yesterday, having forgotten the change for the taekwondo school and asking me to please bring it to him, I did not grab some leftover pasta out of the fridge, heat it up, and scarf it down before I left because I had forgotten to eat all day.

I definitely did not intentionally stress my mom out yesterday by pretending I was going to vote for Obama.

I didn't call five friends when I saw that Kellie Pickler wrote on my myspace wall. She's just a person, after all.

I didn't write and design my christmas letter two and a half months early because I'm so excited to send them out this year.

What didn't you do today?


Shane said...

I told Mom I was voting for Obama too!!!

Ashley Griffin said...

that's soo funny about Obama!!! i'm going to have to try that on my mom, my hubby and my bff. that will be so hilarious! but... you're not really right??

Prachar family said...

Love your list and your blog is adorable!!

Marla @ Stolen Bon Bons said...

Great not me list! I should own stock in Hobby Lobby since I'm there at least twice a week.