Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gift ideas?

Let's here some ideas, friends! Tis the season - to make gifts! What are your favorite homemade gifts to give or recieve? Leave a comment!!!!


Amanda said...

I like when people personalize things based on what they like to do. (i.e. the scrapbook you made for your dad was such a thoughtful idea! I'm sure he likes to look through it because it not only reminds him of the China trip, but also the obvious time and effort you put into putting it together just for him) Stick to your strengths! Maybe you could make picture frames with your favorite photographs of your family members with you, and add the special "Mandy" touch to them

Jamie McLaughlin said...

I am making Jessica a bridal bag. I raided hobby lobby and bought a black bag and some iron on rhinestone accents and a rhinestone bride. I am going to fill the bag with a decoupaged clipboard, notebook and photo box all matching useing a wedding scrapbook kit I bought and ribbons and their engagement pictures.
For my friend Lynn I am making her two shirts. One black one with a rhinestone crown and a brown one with a rhinestone cross. And I am going to make her some jewlery to go with them.
I am also making tons of "baby legs" for everyone I know with babies.