Thursday, November 6, 2008

A good lesson at any age

This was the lesson at AWANA council time last night...

Mr. Keith (Tall guy in the middle who's a little bent over in this picture), held a yellow sign that said "God." Ms. Tiffany told all the kids to get as close to "God" as possible. They swarmed him, nearly knocking him over! They were all laughing and going crazy and having a wonderful time being close to "God."

Ms. Tiffany told the kids to take a step back from "God." They all got a little further away. Ms. Tiffany explained that this is what happens when we sin. We're not as close to God.

She kept having them step back more and more until the kids were virtually covering only the edges of the room and "God" was left all by himself in the middle.

"How do you feel now?" she asked the kids.

"Alone," they answered.

"And how does God feel?" Mr. Keith asked.

(Mr. Keith as "God" probably felt relieved!)

But our God longs to have a relationship with us. He created us for that purpose, and our sin separates us from him.

But the good news about all of this is that we don’t have to be separated! Jesus came and died for sins to pay the price for our sins, which means, if we choose to accept that gift, we can have a relationship with Him despite the bad things we’ve done!

Yay Jesus!


Shane said...

You should teach the kids that unless God calls them tomorrow morning, the relationship really isn't going anywhere.