Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Maggie's Halloween

They fooled me before, but I’m catching on.

Mandy and Jack were so excited about Halloween this year (okay, just Mandy was excited about Halloween this year, which is weird, because she usually hates Halloween). I heard something about how she was excited to hand out candy to kids in their new house. I think that’s pretty stupid, because if they want to get rid of their candy, they can just give it to me. I tried to tell them that over and over by running around all excited-like when they brought out the candy bowl, but they must be really dumb because they never caught on and gave me some.

Mandy got home early on Friday. I love it when she comes home early! Jack came home soon-after, and even though they had to leave for a little while (something about a spaghetti dinner at the Seiberts’ house), they came back and took me outside to watch all the kids come by to beg for candy! Man, was I excited! All the little kids smelled differently, and I wanted to smell all of them! But just when I thought I was going to get to enjoy the evening, Mandy brought out the leash, which really hindered the sniffing process. I tugged and tugged to get closer to all the funny-dressed kids, though.

Then, the trouble started. Mandy has, for some reason, decided that I need to dress up for Halloween (when she herself thinks it’s stupid for human adults to dress up for Halloween!!). I can’t for the life of me figure out why, except that she said she got this little witch hat and cape for $2 last year. (Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you need to buy it!) She put it on me last year and I didn’t like it then, either. I rolled around on the floor and messed the hat up every time I was loose, and she finally put it away. Success!!

Well, she put it on me again this year!! Doesn’t she understand that I’m a dog and I don’t like wearing hats!? Jack was on my side though, and even though it hurt my feelings when he said I looked stupid, I was hoping Mandy would agree this once and take the hat off. But I knew when all the trick-or-treaters and their parents laughed at my outfit and said I was cute that Mandy would insist on keeping it on. I got it all messed up and turned around a few times, but Mandy kept fixing it. Then, when she was tired of retying the strings on the hat, she took that off and put the cape on me. I was a little more tolerant of the cape, but still not happy about it.

After a little while, we went across the street to visit with some other neighbors who were sitting outside and handing out candy. Man, were there a lot of smells over there! They had two other dogs that I could smell and I was so excited that Jack finally put me inside. That made me really sad because I had to sit inside while Jack and Mandy sat out there and visited with all the neighbors.

They came back without any candy left, which I thought was pretty selfish of them since they started with about 13 pounds of it and didn’t share it with me at all!! But that’s okay... I’m smelling pizza today…


presentpossibilities said...

Both of you girls are so cute :) Hehe - and I miss you too!!!