Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Taylor Swift today!!

Yes, it was worth going out at midnight and dealing with very slow Wal-Mart employees, not getting home until 1 a.m. then having to get up for work early the next morning. Yes, it was worth being teased by my husband about having a "girl crush" on Taylor.

I got it.

Update: Greg Spurr sent me this link, which says you can get a digital copy of Taylor's new CD on Amazon for only $4. Nice!

Update #2: By the way, Taylor always does this little "code" in the lyrics in her CD jackets. Everything is lowercase except certain letters, and if you take all the uppercase letters, they make a little message about the background on each song (cutsey, I know, but she's 18). On this album, here were her messages:

Fearless: Loved you before met you
Fifteen: Cried while recording this
Love Story: Someday I’ll find this
Hey Stephen: Love and the ft (?) ***Love and theft. Thanks, Shane.
White Horse: All ever wanted was the truth
You Belong with Me: Love is blind so you couldnt see me
Breathe: m sorry m sorry m sorry
Tell me Why: Guess was fooled by your smile
You’re not sorry: She can have you
The way I loved you: We cant go back
Forever and Always: If you play these games were both going to lose
The Best Day: God bless Andrea Swift
Change: You made things change for me


becomingone said...

man.I paid 11.99 on itunes!

Shane said...

Theft, not "the ft"... duh.