Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday!

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I did not take on more than I could handle at work, and I am not barely staying above water.

I did not grab my AWANA shirt off my floor on Wednesday morning and spray it with Downy wrinkle release rather than having it washed and ready to go from the week before. I never wear unwashed clothing!

I would not have called in sick today (if I didn’t have so darn much work to do!)

I did not lay down on my office floor today to see if it would help my back ache. Then, I did not sit on the floor for a while, half because it helped a little, and half because I needed a break from editing.

I am not super-excited about the car that I haven’t seen yet that Jack said he would buy me. I have not all-but made up my mind that I’m going to let him buy it.

I have not been taking very very expired (8-months expired, to be exact) Nyquil for the last two nights.

I do not resent Jack for bringing home icky little kid germs all the time from the taekwondo school, then being immune himself and passing the illnesses on to me.

I did not enjoy myself immensely on Saturday night, when Jack and I went out with another couple, and we did not end up talking for three hours after dinner. I absolutely did not prep Jack with behavior “suggestions” before the dinner – he’s an adult and he knows how to behave on his own! I was not really really really hoping he would like my friend’s husband so we could all hang out together.

I do not keep asking Jack for Christmas presents, even though we said no Christmas presents - just stuff we need for the house.

I am not really excited that I finished my first video at work, and I’m not hoping for more video projects!

What did you "not" do today?


amanda said...

so i never hope that my hubby and my friend's hubbys get along super great so we can all hang out together either. that would be just plain silly. and wear unwashed clothes?!?! never!!