Saturday, November 15, 2008

Organizing your digital photographs - Part 1: Folders

I'm very big on file organization, especially when it comes to my digital pictures, because organized pictures make scrapbooking much easier, and in some cases, possible at all.

I like making folders for each year of pictures, like this:

..and in that, make folders with a date (mm-dd) and description (e.g., "10-25 - Boston")...

...sometimes, if I have a trip with multiple locations, I split the folders up even more with the dates of each location, like I did for honeymoon here:

...and within that, I put all my pictures, seperating the best into a "Best" folder for finding them easily for scrapbooking or putting them on facebook. (By the way, don't put every picture you take on facebook. Weed out the bad ones and only post the good - a lot of the ones you take suck and we don't need to see them!! Rant over.)

I realize this may seem over-the-top as far as how many folders there are, but you'll thank me when you're looking for a picture or wonder when a trip happened and can look at the location of the picture on your hard drive and easily find the date associated with it.

Someday, I'll finally tell you about: Using the free bulk rename utility to rename the actual files to include the date and time taken, along with a label you can use to search your hard drive for the perfect picture.


MacKenzie said...

I found your blog through Amanda's and I have to say - I sort my photo's in almost exactly the same way! I even have a "best" catagory like you. It really does work well.

kris... said...

Hi. I found this through tip junkie. I have been trying to find a better way to organize my photos and this is great! I do it by date, but never thought to include a description. Thanks (and I'm so agreeing with you on the facebook photos...LOL).

Destiny said...

Love this idea! I kind of do mine the same way (the years, then month folders within the year). But I like the idea of separating by event instead of just a month. And the "Best" folder is a great idea!
One burning question of my do you back up your files? Do you store on your computer, save to CD/DVD, external hard drive, save to photo storage site, or what? I've been struggling how to exactly make sure all of my files are protected.

Mandy and Jack said...

I actually use two external hard drives to back up my pictures. That way, if one crashes, the other has the pictures as well. These days, external hard drives aren't too expensive, and I think it's totally worth it to have my pictures safe!

Pink Monkey said...

Great filing system. I pretty much file my photos the same way. Except after I make a year folder, I then create a month folder, then the days. I also like your "Best" folder idea. I think that would save me a lot of time and headache when searching for my scrappable photos. Thanks for that tip.

Mrs. Jones said...

That makes so much sense! Thanks for sharing.


Michie said...

I'm here via Tip Junkie as well, and I like your ideas. I have been thinking that I need to somehow start to better organize the hundreds of digital photos I take of my daughter, so I at least know what month and year they come from, if nothing else!