Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I found out today through Jen that you can do a playlist on your blog that DOESN’T scare the crap out of your readers and get them in trouble at work! So, if you choose, you can press play on the playlist on my right sidebar.

Most of them just make us happy. A few of them have a reason...
The ones that have a reason:

Mississippi Girl — Faith Hill – EVERY time this one comes on the radio, Jack sings this to me in the same octive Faith Hill sings in, and it makes me die with laughter.
What Was I Thinkin' — Dierks Bentley – “Our” first song – Jack said this was “our song” when we first started dating, because I was so young so he wondered what he was thinking trying to date me – romantic, huh?
I Will Be Here — Steven Curtis Chapman – Susan sang this at our wedding
Forever & Ever, Amen — Randy Travis – Every time this one comes on the radio, Jack sings it to me.
I Cross My Heart — George Strait – We danced to this one at our wedding for our first dance.