Friday, November 21, 2008

Pretending to be homeless

I’ve had three sets of newlywed friends go on unrelated camping trips recently, and it’s got me thinking about camping. It’s something Jack and I have always agreed on – we don’t want to do it. Jack and I like the indoors, and as much as we enjoy most of God’s creations, we do not enjoy some of the weather or mosquitoes that God also created. I liked one stand-up comedian's take on it: “Why would I go camping and pretend I’m homeless?” Ha. That’s why we have WINDOWS, right?

But I just looked at Amanda’s and Sarah’s pictures from their recent camping trips, and they came away with really beautiful pictures, which is kind of making me re-think the whole camping thing. The problem is, we don’t really know how to camp. And that’s not fully our faults… we did go on camping trips when we were kids, but during my family camping trips, we slept on cots in little cabins every Easter, while Jack slept in pop-out campers on his. We never did camping “right.” (Or maybe… we did!)

Now the question is… do we (actually, “I,” not “we,” because I already know what Jack’s reaction will be to this idea) want to try this now that we’re adults?

Hmm… Something to ponder.

Here’s the result I’ve come up with at the moment: it’s cold. Let’s go camping in a hotel.


Jamie McLaughlin said...

Camping in a cabin is still camping. I am way not sold on "tent camping" because we are going to Jackson Hole next summer and that just screams bear to me. I agree yea on nature but boo on things that could bite me.