Saturday, November 15, 2008

Same story, second (or third, or hundreth) verse

I know I have a lot of entries under the "boy brag" category, but that's because I have a lot to brag about with Jack. One of his students read about his proposal and told me she was really surprised by how romantic he was. I wasn't surprised. Jack's so very good at everything he chooses to do, and I really appreciate that about him.

Here are the two big things I must brag about today:
  • This morning, Jack competed at an "A" tournament and won 1st in Weapons and 2nd in Forms. He makes it look completely effortless, and aside from being absolutely exhausted after he finishes his forms, I kind of think it is for him. He doesn't really have to work for it (though he discovered that he does much better when he does work for it), because he has such great natural talent when it comes to taekwondo. He always makes me proud.
  • Last week, my friend was coming over to watch the CMAs with me, so I picked up the house a little on Tuesday night, then a little more on Wednesday after AWANA, but it wasn't exactly spotless. I asked Jack if he would do the dishes on Thursday morning and just kind of pick up some of the clutter by his chair in the living room, and he said it wouldn't be a problem. When I got home that evening, not only had he cleaned the kitchen and picked up the living room, but he had swept the front and back entry ways and vacuumed the living room and game room for me. I found out later that he had had to work extra hard at work that morning to get back in time to do that for me.

I guess I'll keep him a while. :)


presentpossibilities said...

I think he's a good one to keep!!

... With every brag posted, my admiration and respect for Jack increases as well as my joy for to have such an incredible man :)

one day....

McChatterbox said...

I found your blog while surfing one day and entries like this keep me peeking in on it. I have been married for six years to someone who sounds like this. It is a joy to know there are some great men out there! I wish you two a long and happy life together.