Saturday, November 29, 2008


Five things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving:

1. Jack. I have been insanely blessed with an incredible husband. He never ceases to impress with me with his kindness, intellect, responsibilty and ability to make me laugh. Even after only 8 months of being married to him, I can't imagine life without him.

2. My family. My parents have given us so many things, from the equity in the house to the dinners they pay for when they take us out. My brother and sister-in-law make life more enjoyable with their e-mails, phone calls, and their dog's blog entries. My in-laws have been nothing but amazing and sweet to me, and I realize this isn't the case for many parents-in-law/kid-in-law relationship. My father-in-law is also always willing to come help with (by "help with" I mean "do") all of the renovations we're doing on our house.

3. Our jobs. In this very uncertain economy, it's nice to have pretty good job security, and even more than that, to be working jobs we actually like. Sure, we have days where we don't particularly want to get up and go to work, but most of the time we really love doing what we do. I realize that's not the norm.

4. Our friends. From neighbors who threw me the most beautiful bridal shower ever and are willing to do anything for me daily if needed, to bosses who think of us when they hear about good deals on cars, to new friends to go to dinner with, to work friends who always make me laugh and brighten my stressful day, to a beautiful girl who prays for me daily when she could easily be feeling sorry for herself during a hard time, to taekwondo students who give us incredibly generous gifts. What a blessing these people are!!

5. All the stuff. Even though we don't deserve it, God has provided above and beyond what I ever thought possible during my short 22 years here. To own a house, a couple of cars, the computers, the TVs, the scrapbooking supplies, the hardwood floors, the clothes, the pretty dishes, the video games, the decor... I could go on and on. Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for the things God has provided.

Five things Jack is thankful on Thanksgiving:

1. A wonderful loving wife. Because she helps me out in so many different ways.

2. Such a wonderful house. It's a joy to come home every day and see it.

3. Our jobs. There are so many people out there that either don't have jobs, or have jobs they don't like.

4. Our health. Neither one of us have too many issues.

5. That Mandy has a new car, so I don't have to worry about her when she drives around.


presentpossibilities said...

I love you so much - there are simply no other words quite as suitable!!

You are one of the greatest blessings in my life - I can't imagine my life without your friendship, love, prayers, and support :) (Oh and ra ra ra rarar rar ra ra ra riri ra ra ra ra ree) ;)