Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yes, Papa John's, you ARE my Facebook friend!

In the interest of rewarding good behavior:

If you become a fan of Papa John's Pizza on Facebook, they send you a promo code for a free medium pizza. That sounds a lot like Wednesday night's dinner!

Maggie's getting excited...

Update - It's been an hour and I still haven't gotten my coupon. Stay tuned for a possible complete turn-around of this review.

Update #2 - Because I thought maybe my e-mail address just hadn't gone through the first time, I tried re-submitting it on the previous page. I got a "Duplicate Entry" page, and as a reward for my "stupidity," this is what the page said:

"Oops... It appears the email address or registration information you've entered has already been used to register for our weekly email offers. You should already be receiving special offers and informational emails from us. As our way of saying thanks for already being a Papa John’s email club member, please enjoy a FREE order of Cheesesticks with your next online pizza purchase. Click Here for a special FREE Cheesesticks offer."

YAY! Papa John's and the U.S. Government: Rewarding stupidity with free stuff.


Shane said...

I have a message to pass along: