Monday, December 22, 2008

Adhesive Nightmares

So I made my own Christmas cards this year, and I was hoping to find a cheap adhesive to use for these, because it wasn’t all that important that they be acid free since most people throw their cards away anyway, and I wasn’t working with photos. In that spirit, I went to the store and got all kinds of adhesives to possibly use instead of my Creative Memories tape runner, which I use for all my scrapbooking. What I found was that there’s nothing out there worth using. Without further ado, I give you the four worst adhesives I’ve ever used in my life!!

The Paper Studio glue sticks – Usually I’m not all that impressed with glue sticks in the first place because they tend to dry funny and wrinkle paper (and I won’t even start about how they’re probably not actually acid-free), but this glue stick truly sucks. Don’t bother.

Elmer's Adhesive Dot Stamper – It’s not terribly hard to use, as long as it actually works. Most of the time, however, the dots come out in random places, if they come out at all. Not impressed.

Paper Studio repositionable tape runners – This tape runner does not actually function without you using your finger to drag the tape forward every time you actually want the tape to come out! Awful.

Rubber cement – What is this, from the 1940s? The bottle I have doesn’t even claim to be acid free, and on top of that, it’s a pain in the butt to use. Don’t go near the stuff.

I've heard that the ATG Guns are good, but they're a little pricey, and I know a lot of people like glue dots, but I really like having the applicator. Like I said before, I'll probably be sticking with the Creative Memories tape runners. The refills are only $5 anyway.

Does anybody use any other adhesives that they actually like? (Or, if you'd like to be pessimistic like me, does anybody have any that we should stay away from?)

Update - I just got a message from Deborah of Megan Lock Designs - apparently the comment form wasn't working (grr) but she was kind enough to send me her comment on Facebook:

It won't let me leave a comment on your adhesive crafty blog post. Booo. I've heard the ATG is bulky and too cumbersome to use. I've heard it takes up a lot of space on your table and if you're like me, that's important. I usually work on a small table. Like you, I think it's too pricey to take the plunge. I *LOVE* Duck adhesive. It's made by the duct tape (I think) people. I buy mine online because I live in the country, I buy it online. You can get it at JoAnns and when you have their 40% off coupon and you buy the 4pack it's $7. They aren't refillable, so they're not very green....if you're worried about the atmosphere. They're FAR better than the Tombow runners, BUT the Tombow Mono glue is a universal favorite in the crowds I know. It's the best. I like glue dots if I want some dimension, but not so much dimension that I need to use a pop dot. I also use glue dots for some embellishments. I'm not familiar with Creative Memories products...

Thanks, Deborah!! That's very helpful and I can't wait to try the Duck adhesive. And to answer your question, no, I don't care if it's "green" or not.