Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye, 2008

Oh, how I have enjoyed you. It is bitter-sweetly that we leave you behind tonight.

Despite the many, many people in America who have had a bad year, Jack and I have really been blessed with a fantastic year. Here's a quick look at our favorite things of 2008:

January - okay, I realize this is actually December. But I'm counting it as January because I'm class of 2008, and it really kicked off the year. I graduated from Texas A&M University! Whoop!!

February - Bridal shower number TWO in College Station with some of my best friends! Paris planned a "U-Paint-It" bridal shower, in which all the girls painted a plate so I'd have a set afterwards! This was IN ADDITION to another beautiful shower my neighbors threw me in January. This getting spoiled thing really showed me how wonderful my friends are!!

March - Obviously this was a good month for us. Not only did I land the dream job as a broadcast editor, but I married my best friend on March 22. It was an extremely RELAXING day (after a sometimes not-so-relaxing wedding planning process!) with close family and friends. What a blessing.

April - The honeymoon! WOW! Nothing could have been better than a week in Hawaii with my friend! We took a cruise around the Hawaiian islands, letting us visit several places and eat unlimited food. The perfect vacation. It was absolutely gorgeous and everything went right. Our favorite island was Maui, where we did the Road to Hana, went hiking, and drove along the coast and ate at Cheeseburger in Paradise!

May - Relay for Life! I did this last year in College Station, and I always wanted to do the Team Captain thing. It was a small team, but we had a blast!! (My family and my neighbor also rode the MS150 this month for the second year riding, third year involved).

June - World Championships in Little Rock, AR. Jack was ranked at NUMBER ONE in both forms and weapons going into the world champion competition in what I consider to be the most difficult ring - 18-29 year-old 4th and 5th degrees. This is an incredible accomplishment. Jack walked away with a silver in weapons after a tie for world champ. Second in the world? Not bad, Mr. Hornbuckle.

July - Jack and I bought our first house. Wow. It's like we're grown-ups or something!

August - I caught a gecko in my house. All by myself. I'm like a super-hero, basically.

September - I started AWANA as a leader to six very sweet 8-year-old girls. They are incredible kids and I am always excited to go on Wednesday nights. I've so wanted to get involved with AWANA again since I graduated from it, and I'm so glad I finally have the time to do this!

October - I went to Boston with my parents to visit my brother (Shane) and sister-in-law (Cassandra), and their new dog, Ajax, and to see the first Celtics game of the season, shortly before Shane and Cassandra received their NBA championship rings!

November - Jack and I finally installed (with the help of his dad) new hardwood floors in the kitchen! The whole year has been spent fixing up the house, and this was a BIG improvement over the linoleum we had previously. We're doing it, little by little, and it's so exciting to see progress in our house!

December - Jack found an awesome deal on a 2005 Infinity G35 with only 36,000 miles on it and bought me my first "big girl" car! What a nice Christmas gift!!!

Happy New Year, friends! It's been one heck of a 2008. Here's hoping 2009 brings just as many blessings as 2008. Thanks for staying with us!!


Courtney said...

Wow! What a year! I'm so glad it was completely blessed for you guys. My hubby and I honeymooned in Maui and Kuaii, and we loved Maui, too. We did the Road to Hana and ate at Cheeseburger! :)

And wow! Your hubby is very talented..2nd in the world at weapons?? You must feel very safe. Although, you are a superhero and all, so maybe he's just your backup. Always good to have a backup...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog about my dad. I've actually lost both of my parents, so I don't take my relationships for granted with those I love.

God Bless you in 2009!!!