Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Dogmas!

I must have done something really good yesterday. Maybe it was the cute way I sat up when I wanted them to pet me, or the way I stayed when they told me to. Whatever it was, I want to do it more, because for some reason, it's been all about ME lately!!

It started last night, actually. They opened up some boxes that had been wrapped in paper, then they gave me something in paper of my own! At first, the paper scared me a little, but when Mandy helped me unwrap it a little, I discovered that it was a fancy new plush toy with both a rope and a squeaker! All of my favorite qualities in a toy!

I had so much fun with my new toy, and I thought that would be it, but they woke up really excited (well, Jack woke up excited. Mandy never wakes up excited), and then they took me out to the living room, where I saw that the weird cloth things that had been hanging on the mantle for the last month were filled with stuff. They seemed pretty excited about it, and took two of them down, pulling out all the stuff inside and putting it all over the floor. It was weird, but I liked that they were on the floor with me.

Then, something magical happened. They took the third cloth thing down, called me over, and when I looked inside, I found out that everything inside was for ME! Toys, rawhide bones, treats, and more toys! I didn't even know where to start; I was so excited! Then, Mandy took me over by the tree, where I found another box of treats, just for me! I was so excited by the time she finally got the box open that I stuck my whole head inside the box to get a treat.

After all of that, they opened more, less interesting paper-wrapped boxes and talked about something called a "pool cue rack" and "leaf blower" for Jack and "light fixtures" and "scrapbooking sticker maker" for Mandy.

Then, we went over to Mandy's parents' house, and they had ANOTHER treat-filled cloth thing for me - they told me by this time this was called a "stocking." There were even more treats and toys in this stocking for me! I could definitely get used to this style of living!!

Later, when Jack's parents arrived and brought more stockings, I was so excited that they had brought me another stocking (I love those!!). When I stuck my head inside the one I thought was mine, Mandy didn't like it very much, because it turned out that was hers (again -she's so greedy). It was disappointing, but I was still happy because I had so many toys to keep me busy and everybody wanted to play with me!

Even though they made a big mess in their very clean house, I think it was my best day ever. Tomorrow, maybe they'll give me a few more stockings!!


Courtney said...

Hi there! I saw that my sis-in-law is a follower of you, and since she has such great taste, I had to pop over, too! And OH MY GOODNESS. You're profile cracked me up, girl. Hilarious. :)

Isn't it fun to enjoy Christmas through the eyes of your dog? Funny, I know. Before kids, we had our cute little puppy and treated her just like our little baby. I now have a 4 and 2 year old (both boys), and this Christmas was AWESOME through their eyes. What fun.

Anyway, you have a darling blog, we follow a lot of the same blogs (I love my MckMama, Angie Smith, and The Tale of Two Coins) and I'd love to keep up with you if that's okay! :)