Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me Monday!

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I did not slice my hand with my paper-cutter while making Christmas cards last night, and I did not refer the cut as my “war wound” today.

I was not disappointed about my old car [which I did not personify by naming “Burt”], that I sold last week, being wrecked by its [his] new owner. Why should I care about it [him] now?

I was not completely bored with all the meetings today, and was not highly unproductive at work as a result.

I am not so materialistic that I absolutely love my new car (Michelle). And since I don’t absolutely love Michelle, I’m absolutely not mean to Jack when I think he’s going to hurt it by hitting something. [10 points for anybody who can tell me why I named the car Michelle. The car looks like this.]

I did not stay up until 1 AM, again, working on Christmas cards last night. I will probably not have to do that again tonight in order to get them out soon.

My house is not a mess. And I’m not worried about Sarah coming over tonight and seeing it messy.

I did not spend all of Sunday afternoon cleaning out the garage, only to have Jack’s truck not fit.

I was not disappointed that our new, pretty blinds in the game room make our old, not-so-pretty blinds in the kitchen look worse.

What did you not do today?


Mariah said...

In response to my post...

I am so glad that someone else has a naughty dryer:)

And about your post...there is nothing wrong with calling the cut a war wound. When crafting, it IS war!!! I just packed my stuff away due to redecorating the basement and I have Christmas cards to make...not smart! beautiful are YOU!!!!

Amanda said...

I did not name my car rhonda because it rhymes with honda, and when I need to get somewhere, I would never sing "help me rhonda"...ever!