Thursday, December 4, 2008

Poor Burt...

Just got this e-mail from my dad:

Dad: [Our friend who bought Burt] called me. His son came up to get Mandy's car yesterday. He totaled it on the way back to Austin. 

My response: "Are you serious!?"

Dad: "No joke. [Our friend who bought Burt] got a call at 1:00 in the morning (last night). He told [his wife] and she started crying, shook her head and said 'He killed Burt.'

[Our friend who bought Burt] is borrowing my trailer to go to Roundrock and pick up the wreckage."

Me: "Is his kid okay? It really wouldn’t take much to total it; can it still be driven? What exactly happened? 

Poor Burt. He was still so young."

Dad: "Remember, car years are like dog years so Burt was 86.

[The kid] is OK. Apparently he was texting and rear ended someone on 35."


Hey, by the way, don't text and drive!!!! (Duh!) I think it may be worse than drinking and driving.


Meagan White said...

Oh no! That's kind of sad! If I found out that someone had totaled my old Volvo, I might cry :(

Mandy and Jack said...

I know! And only two days after he bought it! Sucks for the dad more though, I suppose. At least I got paid for it. Poor, poor Burt.

speedylee said...

Sad. When I sold my first truck (1990 Ford Ranger) it went to a teenager who had wrecked every car he'd ever driven. I doubt it lasted long with him.

Heather Marie said...

Sorry about Burt! :( Texting and driving is very dangerous! They say it's worse than driving drunk! CRAZY!