Monday, December 29, 2008

Princess Nails in the Shoppes at Legacy

Last Monday, my boss "kidnapped" us in the middle of the work day and took the girls to get our choice of a manicure or pedicure (it was very sweet of her!) at Princess Nails in the Shoppes at Legacy. I chose a French manicure, because it keeps me from biting my nails, and Jack always likes it, and I had just painted my nails red (for Christmas), and he told me he did not like red nail polish on me ("I like it on my mom, but not you..." then, the next day, "You know what? I think I like it on my mom because she has the long fake nails, but on your regular nails it makes your fingers look short and stumpy.” That’s a direct quote, friends. So much for Smoothbuckle.)

The ladies at Princess Nails were super nice and did an absolutely phenomenal job. They took their time doing everything, and did arm massages for us for a good 10 minutes with all kinds of different scrubs, oils, and lotions. It was great.

Also, I must admit, I’m really quite picky about French manicures, since I do my own and I like them “just so.” But she painted them perfectly. Also, it’s now exactly one week later and there’s not one chip (except the one from the same night, when I tried to open a CD and chipped it on that). I would definitely recommend this place.


Courtney said...

How sweet was that of your boss? Wow! What fun!

Courtney in Indiana

Mandy and Jack said...

She IS very sweet! I work for a wonderful company.