Thursday, January 22, 2009

20.5 Random Things about Mandy

Okay, so Erica tagged me in a note wanting me to list 25 random things about myself, and Chris tagged me in a note wanting me to list 16 things, so I'll split the difference and list 20.5 random things.

1) I fell in love with my taekwondo instructor when I was 17 years old.

2) I straighten my hair every morning even though it's already straight, and even though I wish it would hold a curl, I do enjoy the fact that it's low maintenance and frizz-free.

3) I can easily spend days scrapbooking without even noticing that any time has passed.

4) I really do like holding babies, but I don't really know what to do with them once somebody hands me one. And I make them cry.

5) I get emotionally invested in fictional characters enough to be excited for them when something good happens to them, but not enough to cry when something bad happens to them. I have no soul.

6) I love working where I work, but sometimes I don't like it.

7) I have a girl-crush on Taylor Swift. A big one. I like her an embarrassing amount. An "I play her CD in my car over and over and over and over" amount.

8) I want a slice, but I can't justify spending the money, because I already have a wishblade.

9) I can't touch my eye. If my eyes go bad, I will have to wear glasses, because contacts are out of the question.

10) I don't particularly like tomatoes but I eat them anyway because they have a lot of nutritional pluses.

11) Sweetgum balls make me think of my husband.

12) My dog, Maggie, likes to pee on beds and blankets. I do not like that about her.

13) I'm an over-achiever and perfectionist, especially when it comes to crafting. If I could do something the simple-way, I choose the more complex, prettier way.

14) I hate olives. I've tried them over and over and I still hate them.

13) Every morning, before I leave for work, I give Jack a kiss and he groggily tells me to "have a most wondrous day." It's one of the best things about my day.

14) I love Diet Citrus Green Tea and Blue Poweraide, but I do not like soda.

15) I really like cemeteries.

16) Caffeine makes me jittery but sometimes I forget that, drink three cups of coffee in the morning, and get crazy shaky all day, like today.

17) The Dallas skyline makes me smile every time I see it.

18) I have had 12 teeth pulled. Needless to say, going to the dentist does not bother me.

19) When I was little, I wanted to be a nurse. I have no idea what I was thinking. Apparently nursing school is brutal.

20) I like to shower in the dark. But I don't like to get dressed right after showering.

20.5) I want babies. [the other .5 is that I don't want them yet.]


Alicia said...

Thanks for sharing! # 13 is something me & my hubby do every morning too. It's like a tradiotion with us. Who ever leaves first that is. And # 15, I find cemetaries very interesting especially older ones!

Tiffany said...

Great list, Mandy and pretty new blog design. I've been crazy busy lately and am now able to catch up on some of my favorite creative peeps. :) Looks like you're getting quite the following, that's fabulous! BTW, the story of your friend Tiff Taylor cracks me up! We help out with Awana at our church and I could so see that scenario happening. What a hoot!

Have a great weekend!
The Boren Life

MckMama said...

When I read that you "really like cemeteries," I thought it said that you really like "centimeters" and I got all excited because I love the metric system.

But then I read it again.

Anyway, came over to tell you that YES it was your wedding photo I was referring to, and do I even remember your mom coming over to my blog and commenting to confirm it?

And, from your favorite Yankee, thanks for making ME literally fight for breath with your last comment.

As if there were any risk of it before, I CERTAINLY won't be forgetting you now. That was the funniest thing I've read all year. Or, at least all night.

presentpossibilities said...

I love this Mandy! Especially your compromise with 20.5 :) Ok so where do I start?!

#4 - I knew it :) Not that that proves anything but that I ...still knew it haha

#7 I'm thinking I know where the quote comes from in that random fact :) And if it makes you feel any better - you have me completely hooked. It has been in my CD player 90% of the time at least since Christmas!

...I could comment on half of these, but I won't cause that's annoying.

#15 This one must be so shocking that people can't read it right. Pretty sure I read clementines and then didn't realize my mistake until Alicia and MckMama's comments. Haha.

#17 Oh it does me too!! Day or night (although night as extra pizzaz). It's beautiful. While it's beautiful and enjoyable when I'm headed back, I must admit to a peace in knowing I'm almost to Mandy (as I'm heading north) :)

#18 All of my teeth have been pulled by the dentist but 2 so needlessto say I'm right there with you. (One visit 8 were pulled at one time - now that's a good story!)

#19 Apparently ;)

#20.5 I'm with MckMama :)