Saturday, January 31, 2009

Creations by Rachael

Okay, I had to put a post about this on my craft blog. There is an AMAZING deal going on from one of the designers, Rachael, that I contacted for permission to use her stuff for commercial use. She did give me permission to use her stuff for Blogs by Mandy (which raises money for my BikeMS ride, by the way!)

For only $30, you can buy her entire collection of kits! I just got more than $100 worth of digital scrapbooking kits (which she gave me permission to use on your blogs) for only $30! PLUS, I get to go back at the end of February and get all her new stuff, then get a free kit every month for the rest of the year! WHAT A DEAL! Plus, it goes to help out her mom, who is struggling to pay her mortgage payments while on disability after several strokes.

I love this designer! Buy her stuff here!

Update - I just finished downloading everything and ended up with 2,054 files. That's about a penny per file, AND there's still more to come!! WOW!