Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cute custom notebooks - How to!

Every year, the ladies back in College Station would make little prayer (or anything) books out of composition notebooks. This is a fun little project, and it's also an inexpensive and fun gift, so this year, I made them for some friends at work. Here's a little "how to" so you can do this too!

Start with a blank composition notebook. Yep, the kind you get at target for about 97 cents.

Embellish the notebook on the front and the back (not on the binding) with paper, like this:

Then, I like to add a name to the front (I use my wishblade to cut out cardstock letters, but you can use store-bought die cut letters, rub-ons or stickers for this too). You can also add other flat embellishments, like a bible verse, quote, poem, etc. I even used a fortune from a fortune cookie once on these!

The next part is the hardest (and it's really not that hard) - the contact paper. Cut enough clear contact paper to cover the front, back and over the edges. Lay the notebook down flat, cut a "V" for the binding, turn the book over onto the contact paper to cover the front side, and fold the edges over to the other side of the cover. Remember covering books in elementary school? It's just like that!

After that, you just smooth out the cover, and that's it! It's that easy! Have fun!

Here are a few more designs from years before, in case you need any more inspiration (click on the pictures to see them bigger):




arbyn said...

I want to do this!!! Those are rad, very very rad.